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Here is our mint schedule!

Phase one: Feb 7th 3:00PM UTC
Phase starts in: :::
Phase two: Feb 7th 9:00PM UTC
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Public Phase: Feb 8th 9:00PM UTC
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Holder Claim


As you may or may not already know, all Ugly Waifu contracts were affected by the Thirdweb vulnerability that was made known in December 2023. This left us with no choice but to lock our three collections' contracts.

Since then, we've been raising funds with our merch and Custom Ugly commissions in the hopes that we could redeploy new versions of the contracts and re-issue tokens to our holders so that our collections be made whole once again.

Fortunately, as of right now, we have already been able to successfully mitigate and airdrop replacements for:

1. Ugly Waifu Stickers (Polygon) and
2. Custom Uglies (Eth mainnet)

This means all that is left is:

3. the original Ugly Waifu collection (Eth mainnet)

So far we have been able to raise enough funds to deploy the contract but we have not yet raised enough funds to airdrop replacements to our holders.

While we plan to continue in our efforts to raise funds for this, we were able to confirm with Thirdweb that there is another option in the meantime, which is for Ugly Waifu holders to claim their replacement NFTs.

This can now be done via the page below:

Claim Ugly Waifus

This would reduce the total amount of tokens needed to be airdropped (which means less funds will need to be raised).

Of course, we understand not everyone may be in the position to claim, but we do want to offer the incentive that we plan to raffle several Ugly Waifus from the team wallet to people who have claimed their replacements.

We thank everyone for their support so far and would greatly appreciate if you can share this message with all Ugly Waifu holders you know.

Of course, feel free as always to reach out with any questions or concerns.

All the best!

— Ugly Waifu team