Art Show: MACO


In this episode, we will be showcasing the works of MACO from South America. A psychologist by day and an accomplished and prolific NFT Artist by night.


Having explored many styles early on, MACO’s passion lies in creating retro aesthetics, incorporating his nostalgia for 80s and 90s anime and pixel art. He nearly gave up on art during school but felt reinvigorated to create after graduating and spending time at several seminaries.

Creative Process

MACO’s creative process involves scrolling on Pinterest for hairstyle and clothing references while tackling the complexity of perspective. He specializes in portraits and drawing faces, paying special attention to the quality of his lineart and use of texture, ensuring he is satisfied before considering something worthy of being published.

Themes and Inspiration

Along with the general anime style of the 80s and 90s, MACO finds inspiration from SHOWA era anime art and Latin American anime magazines. The prevalence of anime-themed memorabilia contributes to MACO’s enjoyment for creating things that are reminiscent of product covers.

Impact and Audience

MACO focuses on incorporating easter eggs to give his audience the impression that his works are from the 80s, highlighting the imperfections and oversaturation that you sometimes see on products made during this era.

Future Plans

MACO’s current plans are to keep moving forward with his proudest creation, the generative art project: Super Space Defenders. He explains that with his current team and resources he feels he will be able to continue to develop fantastic things for his audience to enjoy.

Closing Thoughts

In closing, MACO would like to share that he believes the NFT Community has had great initiatives that made artists feel like they had a whole new world of opportunities and income; and while the current market sentiment may not always be so good it does not mean you can’t still build your audience, make new friends or even start developing new projects. He feels it is important to note that one should not try to do everything alone. Building an image, starting communities, making connections – all can be discouraging and lonely without the support of a team.

Many thanks to MACO for sharing their story and artistic insight. You can follow them on twitter: @maco9801. Thanks for watching. Seeya! 🙂