Art Show: sw33tvampr


Hello! And welcome to the Art Show! In this episode we would like to introduce sw33tvampr, a talented artist hailing from Ukraine that enjoys creating gory and intense works of art.


Growing up, their passion for drawing was nurtured by their mother through children’s coloring books. Although there was a period when they had temporarily abandoned drawing, the onset of the war in Ukraine compelled them to realize that art was an integral part of their life.

Creative Process

Their creative process begins with finding inspiration on Pinterest. sw33tvampr loves to explore ethereal and scary vibes, often playing with the curves tool in Photoshop to bring about this effect, focusing particularly on shades of blue and green, while rendering is done in black and white.

Themes and Inspiration

While vampires, the goth subculture, and PS2 horror games intrigue them (despite their aversion to said horror games), their greatest fascination lies in the mysteries of the natural world and the conspiracies surrounding it.

Another significant influence on their artistic style is My Chemical Romance and the band’s frontman Gerard Way. Other noteworthy artists that inspire them include Hirohiko Araki and Sana K.

Impact and Audience

Through their art, sw33tvampr portrays characters that mirror each other, conveying the message that self-worth and self-value are paramount. Their intended audience are collectors with a taste for blood and an affinity for white-haired vampiric figures.

Future Plans

While Sw33tvampr declines to go into detail, they are able to say their upcoming creative plans are quite ambitious.

Closing Thoughts

In closing, Sw33tvampr would like to leave our audience with the following sentiment: Ars longa, vita brevis. Create something that will live longer than you on this planet.

Many thanks to sw33tvampr for sharing their story and artistic insight.

You can follow them on twitter @sw33tvampr. Thanks for watching. Seeya! 🙂